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Application Consultation

Vendor Applications and Consultations

Coding Best Practices

Virtual Server Development Resources

Borrowing a Computer

Loaner laptop process

Bringing your Research to PSU


Servers, Computers, Mobile Devices, and Software


Servers, Computers, and Mobile Devices

Custom Application Support

System Training

Issue Resolution

System Upkeep

Data Security


Access Management


Data Storage

Research and Data Cloud Storage


Digital Signage

Custom Digital Signage development

Existing digital signage enhancements

DIY Self Help

Do It Yourself – UCS, Videos, ITS, Software


Endpoint Security

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Identity Finder

Existing Applications

System Redesign

System Enhancements

Process/Functionality Changes

Existing Website Enhancements

Website Redesign

New features/functionality


Graphic Design

Custom designs for print and digital materials

Inventory Services

Find out what devices are registered to you or your department

Office Equipment Move Form

New Application Design

Custom Application Development

New Computer Request

Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Custom Quotes 

New Website Development

Custom LA website design and development from scratch

New website presence

Operating System Upgrades

Windows and Mac


Departmental Copiers, Office Printers, Color Printers


Data Categorization

Backups and best practices

Reporting & Analytics

Report Development

Report Consultation

Analytics Consultation

Training assistance

Request a Training

Technology training for new employees

Video conferencing training (Blue Jeans) 

Request Access Forms

Grant Lab Manager Request Form

Portal Access Request Form

CLA Account Request

Research Computing



Data and Cloud Storage

Software Application Patches and Upgrades

Software Upgrades

Software Installation

University-wide and Liberal Arts Software

Personal Software

Software Licensing

University-wide and Liberal Arts licenses

Specialty Software licenses

Storage Administration

Research, Administrative, and Financial Data


Application Resource

Video Conferencing

Consulting, Training, Setup, and Support

Web Services Helpdesk

Report a website incident

Submit website content updates

Website Analytics

Generate custom reports

Set up analytics on existing sites

Website Management Training

Plone Website Admin Management Training

Liberal Arts Events Calendar – Learn how to use the Localist Calendar

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