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Meet the Infrastructure Team

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The Infrastructure team is comprised of both network and system administrators.  This team is responsible for keeping all of the backend systems and services functional and secure as well as investigating and standing up new services for the College of the Liberal Arts.

Together the network and systems administrators form a team that is capable and responsible for troubleshooting problems at the highest levels.   We frequently work with end users and other IT personnel to determine the root cause of systemic problems that often traverse several different technologies. 

Network Administrators

The ITLA Network Administrators install and maintain our enterprise firewalls as well as all wired and wireless network devices within the college.  They are an integral part of our network security and control what traffic goes in and out of our network. 

The ITLA Network Administrators are involved in all design aspects of infrastructure logically and physically including building renovations, data center redundancy, wireless access points and network closet power and cooling requirements to name a few. They monitor all traffic flows at our border with advanced intrusion detection and prevention. They also handle incident response in the event of a compromised computer. All of this and more goes into providing our users with a robust, secure and stable network infrastructure.   The ITLA Networking Administrators take a proactive approach in mitigating potential threats, exploits, and exposure to internet based attacks.

Systems Administrators

The Systems Administrators install and maintain several backend and public facing services.   These services include the Active Directory, shared storage, client/server software packages, and VMware environment (did you know most of our servers are virtual not physical?).   Many of these services require an in depth knowledge of operating systems, hardware, and networking to properly install and configure.   

Asset Management

Asset Management Team (AMT) focuses on IT consulting, procurement and life cycle management of computer equipment in the College. We work to help match equipment with the technical requirements of our customers. Our team is committed to making the procurement process easy and deploying equipment in a timely manner. We want to improve the computing experience for our faculty, staff, and students in the College of the Liberal Arts.