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Duo Access Edition Project Phase 2

Sneak Peak: Summary of Changes

1. The Duo authentication prompt will display over top of the WebAccess Login Screen, rather than being embedded in it.

Duo authentication prompt over top of WebAccess Login Screen

2. Device Management actions will be available through the WebAccess Duo prompt as well as through Account Management at, and will include two new options (5 and 6, below):

Device Management actions prompt from WebAccess DuoActions available through WebAccess Duo Prompt:

  1. Reactivate Duo Mobile
  2. Change Device Name
  3. Remove Device
  4. Add Device
  5. Change Default Device
  6. Receive automatic push or call

3. The proprietary 2FA Management Portal at will be retired and replaced by a Duo Security provided interface and embedded within

4. The URL will redirect to a new landing page for accessing the 2FA page in the Account Management website.

Please go to to access the Account Management website

5.  Users will be able to self-enroll security keys (e.g., YubiKey) and MAC Touch ID devices:

A screen of what type of device are you adding? Examples include Mobile Phone, Tablet, Landline, Security Key, Touch ID

6. Duo Mobile Device Checkup will tell users how they can improve the security of their device and account:

A screen of the Duo Mobile App on a mobile device, which has  a fix now at the bottom of the screen which leads to a Security Checkup screen. Security Checkup screen