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Available Software

Through the Horizon Virtual Desktop and Intelligent HUB (currently only on Mac machines), ITLA provides our faculty, students, and staff access to a wide range of software.

Liberal Arts managed Mac machines download this software through Intelligent Hub and can do so with any software denoted below as ‘Apple Supported.’

This list is being updated frequently to adjust to the needs of the College. If you have suggestions on any software you would like to see added, please submit your feedback through our form.

7-Zip Windows
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Windows
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Apple
Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App Windows
Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App Apple
Audacity Windows
Audacity Apple
BBEdit Apple
BibDesk Apple
Box Windows
Box Apple
Cisco Jabber Windows
Cisco Jabber Apple
Datavyu Windows
Dropbox Windows
Dropbox Apple
ELAN Windows
ELAN Apple
EndNote 20 Windows
EndNote 20 Apple
EndNote X9 Windows
EndNote X9 Apple
E-Prime 2.0 Windows
E-Prime 2.0 Subject Station Windows
E-Prime 3.0 Windows
E-Prime 3.0 Subject Station Windows
Evernote Apple
Fetch Apple
Firefox Windows
Firefox Apple
Gauss 21 x64 Windows
Ghostscript Windows
Ghostscript Apple
GIMP Windows
GIMP Apple
GitHub Desktop Apple
GlobalProtect Windows
GlobalProtect Apple
Google Chrome Windows
Google Chrome Apple
G-Power Windows
G-Power Apple
IBM SPSS AMOS 27 Windows
IBM SPSS Statistics 27 Windows
IBM SPSS Statistics 27 Apple
Inkscape Windows
Inkscape Apple
Java 8 Update 281 Apple
Java 8 Update 281 x64 Windows
Java 8 Update 281 x86 Windows
Kaltura Capture Windows
Kaltura Capture Apple
LaTeXiT Apple
MacTeX Apple
Mendeley Desktop Apple
Microsoft Edge Windows
Microsoft Edge Apple
Microsoft Teams Windows
MiKTeX Windows
Notepad++ (x64) Windows
Office 365 Windows
Office 365 Apple
Praat Windows
Praat Apple
RStudio Windows
RStudio Apple
Skype Windows
Skype Apple
Slack Windows
Slack Apple
StataSE Apple
TeX Live Utility Apple
TeXShop Apple
VLC Windows
VLC Apple
VMware Horizon Client Windows
VMware Horizon Client Apple
Zoom Windows
Zoom Apple
Zotero Windows
Zotero Apple