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Meet the CEE Team

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The Customer Experience and Engagement Team is focused on engaging our customers, continually improving the customer experience, and providing a wide range of high quality technical services to the College of the Liberal Arts. Our team can be categorized into three main groups, Asset Management Team (AMT), Customer Support Team (CST), and Technology Consulting Team (TCT). Each group specializes in providing services for the College of the Liberal Arts.

Technology Consulting

The Technology Consulting Team (TCT) is focused on: consulting with faculty, staff, and departments; designing, implementing, training, and supporting technology for CLA classrooms, conferencing and presentation rooms. We also provide consulting services to discover instructional and research lab technology needs. Partnering with ITLA means utilizing our collective expertise and experience with technology. We can help provide creative solutions to advance your team’s mission and goals.

Customer Support

Customer Support Team (CST) focuses on resolving all IT issues that affect the everyday flow of your workday. Our team will focus on “first call resolution” through remote support and in-person visits. Also, we are working to improve the college’s communication capabilities by supporting video conferencing services for both administrative and educational functions. We continue to improve by making the customer experience and creating partnerships with faculty a focal point. We are appreciative and excited to work with the college. Let us know how we can help you!