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How do I use my PSU-provided Box account?

Box Management Tips

Sharing and editing files in Box: It depends on how the file is opened.

Box Drive



Box Drive

  • See and edit files similar to the S: Drive
  • Does not have an automatic file lock but does have a manual file lock option (if not locked – someone else can edit and overwrite)


Editing Files in Box Drive



File opened online

  • Multiple users can edit in realtime
  • Everyone with permission can see changes in realtime
  • Not download to the local computer
  • File will automatically save

Download File

  • Downloaded to local computer
  • Only person who downloaded can edit
  • Needs uploaded back into Box


  • If the file is opened in the ONLINE version, multiple users can make updates/changes in real-time and everyone sharing the file can see the changes and who is making them. The ONLINE version is opened in the Box cloud environment, this means file is not downloaded to your computer, it is open in Box web environment. The file will automatically save any/all updates made once the last person closes the file.
  • If you download a file for editing, the file will be downloaded to your computer. Only you can update it in this situation. Once you are done updating it and upload back into Box, the file will update to our latest version.
  • Box Drive allows users to see and edit files just like they did on the S: drive, but the difference is no other users know the file is being edited and the file is not restricted. There is a manual (right click) option to LOCK a file while a user is editing it (reference screenshot below). This LOCK is to prevent data loss, but it is not automatic like it is on the S: drive. If someone opens a file from box drive and does not lock it, and someone else edits the same file, the last user to save data is what data is in the most current file. So, it may appear to users that save before the last person saves is that the data is lost, it is really in the previous version of the file.

File LOCK option:                                                                    

Box Drive folder view:

  • Installing Box Drive on your desktop enables you to simply click the Box desktop icon and this action will take you to your Box environment. Below is an example of the folder view. It previews the view as a normal folder organizational structure.


Box folder access/permissions set-up and management:


Inviting a collaborator to a folder or file:

  • collaborator is an individual who has been invited into a file or folder. When a user is added to a file or folder as a collaborator, the item will appear in their All Files page. 
  • If you send a collaboration invitation to a person without a Box account, that person will be prompted to sign up with Box before being able to access the content.

Box files collaborator permissions options and functionality:

Managing Collaborators:

Learn how to control who has access to your content and collaboration settings referencing these links below housed in Box community web environment.

  • Modifying collaborator access levels:
  • Transferring folder ownership:
  • Removing collaborators:
  • Hiding collaborators:


To invite a collaborator into a folder: 

  • Open the folder in which you'd like to invite collaborators
  • In the Sharing tab of the right-hand sidebar, click Share this Folder
  • In the dropdown that appears, click Invite Collaborators.


To invite a collaborator into a single file:

  • Open the folder in which the file is located.
  • Right click the file or click the ellipses (...) to open the More Options menu.
  • Click Share
  • Select Invite Collaborators.