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I want to upgrade to Windows 10, where do I start?

Can I upgrade my office computer to Windows 10?

Generally, Yes. As long as your computer meets the prerequisites you will be able to upgrade it. ITLA is actively working to make Windows 10 upgrades available for our customers.

What are the prerequisites for upgrading to Windows 10?

  • Is your computer supported by Microsoft and the manufacturer is providing driver updates? Check here for your computer model.
  • Memory of at least 8Gb
  • At least 20GB of free HD space
  • SecureDoc is not installed

How do I know if my computer meets the prerequisites?

  • You can find information about your computer under system settings.
  • You can contact the helpdesk and we will check for you.
  • Log into Software Center and run the Windows 10 Upgrade. Our task will verify that your computer meets all of the prerequisites before installing the update.

What do I do if the upgrade has an error and does not work?

  • Contact the helpdesk at 5-3412.
  • Most likely cause is that there is not enough space available on your hard drive or SecureDoc is installed.

My computer meets the prerequisites but there is no Upgrade to Windows 10 available for me when I log into Software Center, what should I do?

  • Contact the helpdesk
  • Most likely causes
    • SecureDoc is installed on your computer
    • The upgrade is not yet available for your specific computer model
  • ITLA is making upgrades available based on computer models. Each upgrade task is specifically developed for each individual model of computer.

When upgrading my computer what do I need to be prepared for?

  • While there is no danger of losing any of your data from the upgrade, we highly recommend backing up your data to so that it is available to you from alternate computing resources during the upgrade process.  If you need assistance with backing your data up to Box, please contact the helpdesk.
  • Select the upgrade task from within Software Center.

After my Windows 10 upgrade some of my specialized software is not working correctly, what should I do?

  • Contact IT immediately! We can roll you back to Windows 7 within 30 days of your upgrade.
  • If you have specialized software and it is not working IT can roll you back to Windows 7 and then address you specific Windows 10 issues.
    • Windows has a built in rollback process that is available for a limited amount of time after an upgrade to Windows 10.
    • After 30 days the Windows upgrade become permeant and Windows automatically deletes the cached roll back file.

My upgrade has completed what do I do now?

  • All of your data and programs are now available to be tested.
  • Please test any specialized software and contact the helpdesk if you experience any issues.
  • Test your workflow and familiarize yourself with how it works within Windows 10.
  • Check out our website for Hints and Tricks!

How long does the upgrade take?

  • It will take about 30 minutes for the task to download all of the necessary files and begin the upgrade process.  The upgrade process will take approximately 2 hours to complete during which time your system will reboot a few times, and your screen may flicker or go black off and on.