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Remote Connection Instructions for EAD Computers

First time connecting to your office computer remotely? Start at step #1. If you previously connected to your office computer remotely, please start at step #2. Additionally, you will also need to have DUO push notifications enabled on your mobile device in order to connect. To enable DUO push, please visit and go to manage devices. From there you can enable push notifications. The silent push will only be sent to the first device in your list of managed devices.

  1. Submit a ticket with ITLA for a “Remote Desktop Connection Setup Request”.
    1. Within the ticket, please provide us with the name of the computer you are requesting access to.
    2. We will then administer your ticket request and link your account with the requested computer.
  2. Search your computer for: “Cisco Anyconnect”
  3. If you have this software already installed on your computer, please disregard steps a - e and proceed to step #4 . If you are using a Mac, please call the ITLA Helpdesk so we can install the Cisco software for you. If you have a PC and do not have the cisco software installed, please follow instructions a-e and then proceed to step #4.
    1. Go to the PSU Downloads Website.
    2. Click on the orange arrow next to “ Connecting to Penn State
    3. Download the Cisco VPN - Virtual Private Network (AnyConnect) Client.
    4. Click on the version number to download the software.
    5. Go to your downloads folder and install the Cisco VPN - Virtual Private Network (AnyConnect) Client.
  4. Open the Cisco Anyconnect client.
  5. Copy "" and paste it in the address line of the Cisco client.
  6. Click on the "Connect" button.
  7. Check your mobile device for a silent DUO push notification.
  8. Another window should appear, asking for your user name and password.
    1. Username: Your PSU user ID.
    2. Password: Your WebAccess / DUO password.
    3. Click OK and check your mobile device for a silent DUO push notification. 
    4. Once this is done, you are now connected to the PSU network.


  1. Now that you are connected to the PSU network, search your computer for RDP. If you are using a Mac, you may need to go to the Apple Store and download Microsoft RDP (Icon below).
  2. Open RDP.
    1. (PC) In the Computer field, put in your computer name. At the end of the computer name put “” and “:” followed by the numbers, 3389. Example:
    2. (Mac) Click on the + symbol and select Desktop.
    3. (Mac) In the PC name field, put in your computer name. At the end of the computer name, put “:” followed by the numbers 3389. Example:
    4. (Mac) Click on the “User Account” drop-down field and select “Add user account
      1. Username: PSU\YourPSUUserName
      2. Password: WebAccess / DUO password
    5. (Mac) Click the “Add” button.
  3. (Mac) Double click on the Desktop Icon within the “Saved Desktops” window to open the connection.
  4. (PC) Click on the “Connect” button
  5. Check your phone/token/tablet because you will have a silent WebAccess / DUO prompt for authentication.
  6. After clicking on the DUO push prompt on your device, a window will open giving you access to your office computer.

If you have any problems, questions or comments about this process, please call the ITLA support line or create a ticket so we can troubleshoot this issue.