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Mac - Upgrading OS

These instructions will help you upgrade to the latest Operating System for your Mac.

Note: That this installation will not back up your data. ITLA would advise anyone attempting this installation to first backup any critical data!

When performing this upgrade please allow about 1.5 hours to complete this process. These instructions utilize the Self Service application for Macs. You can find additional information about how to use Self Serve on our website at

After closing all open programs and saving any critical data:

  1. Open Finder, select the Go menu and select Applications.
  2.  Show how to choose the Applications folder

  3. Scroll down and find “Self Service”
  4.  Shows where to find Self Service in the Applications window


  5. On the right side under the “Featured” Category, you will find either “OS – 10.13.2, High Sierra for Non-Domain Machines” or “OS – 10.13.2, High Sierra for Domain Machines”. If you do not see this, either connect the machine to the college network or contact the helpdesk to determine the issue.
  6.  Shows the 2 options that appear under the Features Category


  7. Click on “Install” and you will see a prompt or new window pop up.
  8.  This shows the info screen that will appear when selecting the High Sierra install


  9. Clicking on the blue “INSTALL” button above will trigger the software download and the installation afterwards.
  10. Your computer will restart a few times during the process.
  11. You will be returned to the log in screen once the upgrade process has completed.


Questions or problems? Please contact the helpdesk at 814.865.3412.