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PC - Installing OS Updates

How to Install Operating System Updates on a PC with Software Center

  1. Open Software Center from the start menu or desktop if the icon appears on your desktop. To open Software Center from the start menu click on the following buttons: 
    Start Button --> All Apps --> Microsoft System Center --> Software Cente
  2. Once Software Center opens, choose the view setting your most comfortable with. To change your view setting, click on the view icon you prefer on the right side of the Software Center window under the Search field. The options are List View or Tiled View.
  3. On the left side of the Software Center window click on the Updates button.

  4. If there are multiple updates available, you can install all the updates or select certain updates to install.
    1. To install all available updates, click on the Install All button at the upper right corner under the Search field.
    2. To install individual updates, click on each update then click the Install button.

    3. You can also schedule the individual update by clicking the Schedule button.
  5. If you install one OS update at a time, you will see the installation status in the window where you clicked install. If you are installing all the OS updates at once, you will see the status of each update in the list of software and you can track all the installs from the same screen.
  6. If you need to check on the installation status of an update or need to see when a program was updated click on the Installation Status button on the left side of the Software Center window.