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What is the Web and Creative Services team VOC Process?

The Web and Creative Services team implemented a website development process consisting of five phases to easily guide stakeholders through the project lifecycle. Stakeholders are asked to support the first two phases of the process that include VOC Voice OF Client process tasks and deliverables.

  • Phase one: Initial (VOC) Voice Of Client meeting. Web Team manager will meet with the website stakeholder's and provide an overview of the team operation, website development process, provide and explain tools and aids to help stakeholders plan the website content structure. Discuss next steps and stakeholder's deliverables to support phase two.
  • Phase two: VOC team meeting; Web team developers and graphic designers will meet with the stakeholders and discuss the vision of the new site, guide them through content structure planning tasks that will support their expectations of the new website. Goals of this phase;
    • Stakeholder's to provide web team content structure and ideas, enabling the team's to establish, review and approve the new website structure.
  • Phase Three: Website design begins. Based off of the brainstorm meeting, the graphic designer will create design mock ups of a home page and subsequent sub pages, showcasing the look and feel of the new site and any special functionality sections. Once approved, website development begins.
    • Website development starts. Web Programmer to complete development tasks including; implementing stakeholder’s content and establishing website features and functionality structure.
  • Phase Four: Web Programmer to complete website Theming tasks including implementing images, formatting/organization content, and responsiveness functionality that enables the website to be viewed on tablets and smart phones. Once an internal team QA task is completed, the programmer will send a link enabling the stakeholder’s to view the website and provide feedback. Goal of this phase is to complete the website development and gain stakeholder approval to release the website.

  • Phase Five: Once the new website is approved the web team will initiate a release process to publish the new website. This process requires two – three days to complete. Once the new website is live, the web programmer will schedule a website administrator training session with the person’s responsible to manage the website.

    Once training is completed, the team will gather any lessons learned and close the project.