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Virtual Desktop Pilot

Thank you for joining the Horizon virtual desktop pilot! Here you will find all of the information you need to start testing the Horizon pilot. This includes:

  • How to install the virtual desktop on your computer
  • How to log into and out of the virtual desktop
  • A feedback submission form for the pilot

The pilot is meant to test the virtual desktop on computers across the college, so any feedback you have is welcome.

If you have questions about getting started or using the virtual desktop, please reach out to Russell Price (). ITLA is excited to begin rolling out the Horizon pilot and discovering how it fits into the future of computing within the College of the Liberal Arts!


  1. Save all of your files to either BoxDrive or OneDrive while using the virtual desktop.
  2. “Sign out” of the virtual desktop through Windows. Do not hit the “Disconnect” button.
  3. The ITLA staff is available to help you with the virtual desktop at any point during the pilot.
  4. Please submit feedback on the pilot whenever you have a problem.