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Work from Home Assistance

Penn State Coronavirus Updates:

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Top Questions

Can I use my personal computer/device for teaching and/or research?

  • Personally owned computer equipment can be utilized for both teaching and research, with the exception of research data that is classified as level 3 or 4.
  • More information can be found about data classification and restrictions here:

How do I get remote access to my office machine?

How do I enable attendees on hold via Zoom?

How do I use a virtual background in Zoom?


Make sure that you have at least two devices paired with DUO for two factor authentications.
More information can be found here –

Forwarding calls to your mobile phone: 
When entering your phone number at, make sure to include ‘8’ before your 11 digit phone number to get outside of the Penn State network. Your number should look something like this: 818145550123.

Guidelines for Cleaning Computer Products:
Computers and related products are often considered “high touch” items especially in common shared areas such as libraries and computer labs. As such, routine cleaning and disinfecting of computer surfaces in common shared locations is recommended. These guidelines can also be used for the personal care and disinfecting of your individual computer products. View Computer Cleaning Guide

Software Resources

DUO/2 Factor Authentication

Please make sure that you have at least two devices paired with DUO for two factor authentications.

Zoom (to deliver lectures)

For help with either Zoom or Microsoft Office products, submit a ticket to


We recommend using Canvas as your online teaching platform.  If you choose not to work with Canvas, we recommend that you use another online platform supported by Penn State to manage teaching, grading, and grade-keeping duties.

Canvas Discussion (to potentially replace in-class discussion)

Discussion is a student­ centered form of active learning that builds community among learners by providing social interaction. Through observing discussions, instructors can easily assess students’ current levels of learning at any given point throughout a lesson or a course.

Canvas Conferences

Canvas Conferences work for live lectures and discussion only. Canvas recommends limiting conference sessions to 100 people at a time, and recordings are deleted after 14 days.


Kaltura manages multimedia and works very closely with Zoom and Canvas. One can embed interactive quizzes with Kaltura.

Office 365

The Office 365 application suite is the primary office productivity tool that the University utilizes. Office 365 can be installed on personal devices.

Cisco AnyConnect VPN/LA-VPN

With Cisco AnyConnect VPN, most users can connect to the group and get connectivity to centrally based services like IBIS, workday, etc. Liberal Arts also has the LA-VPN that will allow connections to specific Liberal Arts services.

Jabber Soft Phone Client

Cisco Jabber is a service that allows you to unify communication over multiple devices and adds additional features to the Cisco VoIP phone service here at Penn State.  This Learning Path will help users access common VoIP services, such as voicemail, over additional devices other than their office phones. Users can also gain access to features such as instant messenger (IM) services, voice and video calling, and video conferencing across multiple devices.

Call Forwarding

Did you know that you can forward your office phone to another number? Forwarding your office phone will make sure that you don’t miss a call while working from another location.

Microsoft Teams

Teams lets you quickly pull together a team with people inside and outside your organization, chat with others to drive fast and inclusive conversations, securely share and coauthor documents, and iterate on projects.

Google Hangouts

You can use hangouts to start a chat conversation or video call, make phone calls using wi-fi or data, and send text messages with your Google Voice or Google Fi phone number.