Computer Replacement

How do I back up my data?


The great thing about your Penn State Office 365 email is that your emails are automatically backed up and saved in the cloud. There is no need to back up email data. If you are using the Microsoft Outlook client on your computer, you can still perform a local backup of your email data.   

Browser Bookmarks 

Many popular web browsers store your bookmarks and favorites in the cloud as long as you are logged into the browser with a valid account. Follow the links below to learn how:  


Cloud storage options include OneDrive, GSuite, and ICDS. It is important to note that level 3 and 4 has restrictions on where it can be stored. ITLA recommends that you store general personal and collaboration files in OneDrive. Learn more about OneDrive here: 


Common software like Microsoft Office and the Adobe Creative cloud are easy to install on the new machine from the Intelligent Hub or can be accessed with the Horizon Virtual Desktop. To ensure your software needs will be met, you can view all available software. 

For specialty software, during your consultation with the Asset Management team please let the team know about any software you’ve previously had to submit a purchase order to procure.