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As an employee of the College of the Liberal Arts, we want to ensure you can leverage the available technology and services we offer to be successful. This guide will introduce you to some of our services, recommendations, and technology solutions to make IT easy.

Need help?

For questions, requests, and IT related incidents, contact us via phone at 814.865.3412 or through email at lahelpdesk@psu.edu. To submit a ticket, go to it.la.psu.edu.

Services we offer, free of charge:


Have an idea that would leverage technology? Need computers for a research lab? Let us know! Whatever your question or need, our knowledgeable staff can guide you towards a solution.

Workflow Automation

Need an application or software tool to help with your day-to-day tasks or assist with collecting and managing data? We have you covered! We can work with you to design or implement a solution that will help you make your processes more efficient.

Conferencing/Media Management

Need to communicate with multiple people in different places across different devices? We have the conferencing tools to meet your needs. We will supply you with consulting, training, setup and support for any video conferencing you may do.

You can find more information at https://cmm.psu.edu.

Website Development*

Does your department website need an update? Are you looking to build a website for your research lab? Our talented team of developers and designers will work with you to give you the web presence that fits your needs. Your custom website will be optimally designed with all audiences in mind.

*Please note: Website development services do not include personal websites. Websites associated with the College of the Liberal Arts, including research, will be addressed. If you need an additional website, you may leverage https://sites.psu.edu or https://personal.psu.edu to establish personal Penn State related websites.

Our Recommendations


We support products from Apple and Dell in a desktop or laptop configuration. Our recommended configuration will be based on your specific technical needs. We will discuss your needs and preferences when we talk with you.

Office 365

Penn State utilizes Microsoft Office 365, providing users with 15+ applications, including Microsoft Office Suite and Teams. Users can access these tools from any device, anywhere in the world. Office 365 allows for seamless collaboration and productivity, with features such as scheduling, document sharing, and secure communication all in one platform.

G Suite for Education

Penn State is partnered with Google to bring G Suite for Education, a cloud-based collection of applications, to the University. This will help enhance teaching, foster learning, and facilitate research. Penn State G Suite accounts include eight core applications: Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Meet and Chat, Sites and Jamboard.


Penn State’s email solution is Outlook, which is part of Office 365. Through your HR On-boarding experience, you will receive a Penn State access account username and password. Once you have these credentials, you must configure two factor authentication at https://2fa.psu.edu. Then, you will be able to check your email at https://office365.psu.edu.

Your Penn State Access Account

Your Access Account is what you will use whenever you logon to any computer or most Penn State Services. Your Access Account is your login name which is your initials and a one to four digit number (userid1234) and the password you set.

What is 2FA?

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a method for ensuring only you can log onto your account. 2FA can require a phone call to be answered, or mobile app to be opened to confirm a log on attempt. Learn more and configure 2FA at https://2fa.psu.edu.

Your Data at Penn State

Penn State provides two options for cloud based storage. These are OneDrive and Google Drive. For storing research data, please see our section on data security.

  • OneDrive: As part of Office 365, you will be given a OneDrive account. OneDrive offers secure, cloud based storage that lets you seamlessly collaborate and access your Microsoft Office files from anywhere. There is a 1TB data limit associated with this account.
  • Google Drive: As part of G suite for Education, you will be given a Google Drive account. Here, you can securely store and organize assignments, documents, or class curriculum and access them from any device.

The Office of Information Security establishes, implements, and maintains a University-wide security program. They protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Penn State’s information assets from unauthorized use, access, disclosure, modification, damage, or loss. To help you understand the sensitivity of that information and how to protect it, visit https://security.psu.edu/

To learn more about the various Penn State data classifications, where the data can be stored and how it can be safeguarded, please consult the Information Classification Tool.

Authority To Operate (ATO) – Penn State keeps its promises regarding rules and regulations around your data by obtaining an Authority to Operate (ATO) for any system processing or storing Restricted (Level 4) or High (Level 3) data. We can help you navigate the request process and provide IT Support.

Security Enclaves -The Penn State Security Enclave Service helps researchers and IT staff quickly transition their work to a pre-configured and highly secure computing infrastructure that complies with Penn State Policies and Standards.

Learn more about Secure Enclaves and ATO’s


Research IT consulting is focused on establishing productive partnerships with our faculty. Together we can identify opportunities and provide value and solutions to the College of the Liberal Arts. Our goal is to help you meet your requirements and achieve your research expectations.

Our research IT consulting staff can…

  • Consult, assess, and understand your research technology regarding hardware, software/applications, data management plans, high performance computing (HPC) and more!
  • Determine and manage technology solutions.
  • Coordinate and connect faculty with appropriate University resources to establish knowledge areas and collaboration opportunities.

Discover the Latest in Penn State Research

Need more guidance on our research services? Check out https://cyberinfrastructure.psu.edu for more information.

The Institute for Computational and Data Sciences (ICDS) at Penn State offers a high performance computing (HPC) service to tackle the big data challenges you may have while researching.

The Liberal Arts Research Office can assist faculty in their quest to conduct path cutting research by helping them develop research projects, submit grant proposals, and manage grant and contract funds.

Information Technology in Liberal Arts is dedicated to assisting researchers with their technology needs, which may include:

  • Researching application consultation
  • Meeting the Data Security and Compliance requirements
  • Assisting with obtaining professional services
  • Estimating hardware, software, and storage costs

Check out our remote research resources!

Installing Software

Servicing Your Remote Needs

On the move? As long as you have an internet connection, we can connect to your computer via a Remote IT Support session to get you the assistance you need. One way we do this is through TeamViewer.

TeamViewer, our remote support tool, lets us help you faster! This software is pre-installed on all College of the Liberal Arts computers. It allows us to securely connect to your device, access files and applications, and troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing.

Penn State IT Resources

Some Penn State applications are supported through specific teams in Penn State IT. For assistance with these applications, you can view the support urls provided, contact the ITS Helpdesk at 814-865-HELP (4357) or via email at ITservicedesk@psu.edu.


Our online system for teaching and learning.


Starfish® Enterprise Success Platform™ by Hobsons is the suite of academic advising tools selected by Penn State to integrate with LionPATH to deliver advising notes, early progress reports (EPRs), and online scheduling of advising appointments.


Penn State’s student information system, which provides students with access to their academic, registration, and financial records. Students can enroll for classes, view/accept their financial aid awards, and view their tuition bills.


Penn State HR Portal - The central resource for Penn State HR services, payroll, attendance, and more.


Penn State HR Portal - The central resource for Penn State HR services, payroll, attendance, and more.

Penn State Information Technology

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Teaching and Learning with Technology

TLT collaborate with faculty to enhance teaching and learning through cutting-edge technology. Immersive experiences, artificial intelligence, blended learning, 3D printing, collaborative learning spaces, and open education resources are just some of the tools we use to enrich the Penn State learning experience.

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More information on available Faculty Resources can be found here.